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As the owned knitted garment company,we are collect of professional design,production, sales and export .We have right to export and with the general taxpayer qualification.The production workshop has 5 lines,including cutting,sewing,iron workers and administrators more than 300 people.All kinds of advanced equipment already reach 300sets. The annual output of 3000,0000pcs. The main products is about women's fashion, children's wear, Menswear. Fabric including 100%cotton, cotton with spandex,rayon, rayon with spandex, T/R,Crimp fabric,jaquard,printing and yarn dye.Workmanship including print & embroidery, flocking, Drilling,Beaded and so on.Our purpose is that we make better quality and full service for the whole order ,in order to shorten the distance &guarantee the delivery. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting efforts, has been in the maximum power!

  • 绗缝工艺走过了200年的非凡历史
  • 绗缝工艺与时尚界颇有渊源。众所周知,可可·香奈儿从 1955 年便开始将绗缝工艺使用在 2.55 手包上。克里斯汀·迪奥先生则从一张拿破仑三世的椅子中寻获灵感,设...
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  • 巴黎是时尚之都,法国人既讲时尚又人人言称文化艺术。法国姑娘漂亮,小伙子潇洒。法版时装不论男女,大多讲究腰身线条的性感。曾有夏奈尔创造了直身直裙女装,后来也不得不顺应...
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  • 经典风格典雅大方,具有传统服装的特点,是经过很长时间仍能保持生命力的款式,也是被大多数女性所接受的款式,尤其是讲究品味女性所钟爱的款式。经典风格比较保守,不太受传统...
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